Sunday, May 12, 2013

mr. right & me

A few years ago, while bemoaning the fact that Mr. Right hadn't come along and also scheming up my imaginary wedding complete with myself looking gorgeous with beautifully, long hair... a dear friend of mine told me that sometimes God works faster than your hair can grow.  She reminded me to wait and trust in God... that He would bring that guy along one day, and it may be sooner than I imagined.

We laughed as at the time, there was no guy "on the horizon." But much to my surprise, a short year later, I met this guy that everyone called... Mikey.  We hung out a couple times with our group at church, and I knew fairly quickly that this was going to go somewhere.  Honestly, I was scared - I didn't want to get involved in a relationship and just be hurt again.  Yet, God just impressed on my heart to trust Him - that this was something He was doing.  And so I did.

Within a few weeks we went on our first date, and after that we pretty much spent most of our time together whether it was at church, Bible study group, softball games, or just at the house.  Within a matter of months, there was no doubt that God had brought us together, and we were meant to be.

Seven short months after meeting each other for the first time, we were engaged, and January 19, 2013 we said our "I do's".

We have our share of struggles just like anyone in life, but seriously, I could not be happier.  God has given me just who I need to bring balance and security to my life, and I love him more than I could ever imagine.

To me, my favorite part of being married is having someone to share life with -- someone to come home to, someone to work alongside of, someone to grow with...

So all those times I thought it never would happen, well it finally did, and it was totally worth the wait.  And you know what, that dreamy wedding and gorgeous hair mattered much less to me than knowing I was marrying the man God planned perfectly for me.


  1. HA HA! I completely forgot about that! I'm glad I can keep up with your life again.

  2. :) It's good to be back! I missed you guys! Facebook just doesn't cut it. ;)