Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 Reflections

Inspired by Leah over at Proverbs 31, I've decided to reflect on some blessings from this past year.

1. I celebrated my first wedding anniversary with the man I love at the very place where we honeymooned.

2.  My man whisked me off for a Valentine's weekend to remember for a lifetime.  We spent a day and night in New Jersey with a beautiful view of the NYC skyline.  The following day, we went to my first ever Jim Brickman concert. He was my inspiration to be a pianist, so it was super awesome to be able to see him perform in person.

3.  This entire year, God has worked in our hearts to show us the calling He has for us.

  • Mike spent the summer working at the golf course to see if he would pursue his dream as a golf pro. Though he passed his playing test in August on the first try (unheard of), something was still missing.  He knew what that was when Pastor Gary started preaching a series on Jonah the first time we visited back at Nottingham.  Mike (re)surrendered to be a preacher, and was also given back his position at his previous job with the understanding that he will eventually move to full time ministry.  
  • I struggled with the leading of God to quit my full time job as an executive assistant in the corporate world.  Even though all I've ever wanted was to be a wife, mom, and homemaker, the pull of the world was strong, and I did not want to leave the financial security and self sufficiency of where I was at to become a housewife.  I struggled with what others would think of me, and if we could make ends meet, but I knew it was God's leading.  God is so good.  By His grace, I resigned, and now have the wonderful opportunity to serve more in ministry and also return to teaching piano and tutoring.
4.  One of the most trying years of our lives (September '13- September '14), is now over. God taught us so much about Him, strengthened our faith and beliefs, and has shown us where He wants us.  We have a regular home church and ministries which include the mission.

5.  We are experiencing what reconciliation of relationships in Christ are like.  Wow - definitely a work only He can do!  When misunderstandings and hurt enter the picture, it's easy to think that "it's over," but in Christ, all things can be made new.  It's amazing to actually experience reconciliation rather than holding onto bitterness and hurt for the rest of our lives.

6.  Christ is teaching me contentment - something I have always struggled with.

7.  We were blessed to be part of both Mike's sister's wedding and my sister's wedding.  Beautiful celebrations of new families that God has established.

8.  "The Best Yes" was released, read, and life changing for me.

9.  Mike and I have begun daily devotions together following every dinner.  We clear the table, grab some dessert (sometimes) and hot tea for me, then read our devotional, talk about it, and pray.  It's drawn us so much closer, and I look forward to it every day.

10.  Several songs have been especially meaningful to me this year, and I am so thankful for the truths in them:   Never OnceLord, I Need YouCornerstone, and Stronger.


  1. :) thanks for posting this!!! Did my heart and soul good ;)
    Your sister got married??????

  2. So I thought I commented on this.. lol! But, yes.... Hope is married! Isn't that crazy? I miss you!!