Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the old paths

Have you ever found yourself in a spot where things just aren't like they used to be?  Things could be ok, but it seems like there's just something missing.  It doesn't mean that you're not reading your Bible or going to church or ministering to others... something is just off.

This year, I read the book "Today We Are Rich" by Tim Sanders at the recommendation of a friend and coworker of mine.  What a GOOD book.  It was written by a Christian who was raised by his godly grandmother.  The premise of the book is not how to get rich quick or even slow... it's about what true riches really are. Tim had what he called some "sideways" years after he graduated from high school and left his grandmother's.  When he went back to his grandmother years later, ready for a change, she asked him the following:

"What are you not doing in these days that you were doing then?"

I began re-reading the book this week, and that question stuck out to me yet again.  Sands post, "The Power of Music" really has been on my mind a lot lately.  It has taken me back to those days of Bible College when everyday we were learning and growing and drawing closer to God.  We sat down and played our guitars at any given time of day and had a worship session.  And the worship wasn't just limited to then - we were always playing music when setting up for meals or singing Victorious Valley songs at the top of our lungs in beautiful harmonies while cleaning up dinner afterwards.

As I was having my devotions last night, my mind wandered back to those times... and what I was doing then that I am not doing now.  It's easy to say that we were in Bible College, and those were the best days ever. The fellowship was phenomenal.  We were always learning.  The spirit of worship was so sincere.

But why let it be days gone by?  Why not bring that very spirit into the heart of our homes?  Why not implement those years of training and blessing and our routine from then into our daily lives?

So last night, I pulled out the dear old guitar that Leam L. Leam gave me, and I started singing those songs... "Field of Grace," "Paid in Full," and "Father to the Fatherless."  Why not just pull out my guitar and sing to Jesus in my very own home at any given time of day... just because.

I realized that there were other things that worked then, that would still work if I would just implement them.

What about my routine?  I got up every day at the same time and curled up in a comfy chair and read the Word.  Every evening, I tried to head to bed a little earlier than lights out and spent time journaling and reading the Word.  And every evening, we would fall asleep to some wonderful CD like "Hear My Prayer."  Every day was filled with God's Word and His music.

I have to say that though I would not really call my years after Bible College "sideways years," all the change that happened so frequently got me out of good routines and practices that really did work.  I came to the place where life was so crazy that no kind of routine existed in my life - unless you count routine randomness as routine.

But I'm so grateful that God has brought these things back to my mind.  I'm grateful that He's helping me find not just a routine to get things done, but to create a wonderful, glorious Spirit filled home.

I've struggled since quitting my full time job to find a flow that works well for me.  There is a ton of work to be done on our home still, and we are getting more and more opportunities for ministry which is awesome. One day, I look forward to being a mother.  But... going back to what worked for me then will help me find the rhythm that will work now.

In the words of Tim Sanders, "My mind swirled with excitement... I knew how to do this. I had simply allowed the uncertainties of life to get in the way of doing what I needed to do."

So after singing those good old songs at the top of my lungs for an hour or so last night, I pulled out "Hear My Prayer," turned on my wonderful little fan, and fell asleep with my mind set on Christ and looking forward to returning to some of these old paths.


  1. Amazing! I have a picture of you and I on my wall and another of Sandy and I. Sometimes I look at it and wish for that year back. I learned so much about God and friendship and music. :) I loved your post. My kids love to sing so maybe il get my husbands guitar out today and play some :) I gave mine away thinking those days were done.

  2. I also have pictures of us college girls up... and I miss you all. You should definitely pull out the guitar and sing!! I have been doing it for just this week, and my spirit has changed immensely. My guitar is currently propped up right beside my bed and I have been singing at random times all throughout the day. :)

  3. Great times we had...i think part of it that helped was that we had limited outside worldly influence. Like movies or tv. Or unlimited internet. We were "forced" to be wise with our time.
    Anyway...the camera i use is one matthew bought for me 2 Christmas' ago. Its a canon eos rebel t3. I love it so much! Oh and i always edit with picasa.

    1. There are so many distractions now for sure! We definitely were in an environment where it was almost "easy" to be wise with our time because of everything. And thanks for sharing that camera info! :)

  4. this is Sandy but it says I am Shane...lol. Yes. This has also been on my mind since I started listening to Steve Pettit again. I always listened to it the summer before college. It caused my thoughts to be on the Lord. When I look back, that summer and the first year of college was when I was closest to the Lord. I really think that was because of how often I was playing my guitar and singing to the Lord. And like Mrs said, back then I didn't have as many distractions like I do now. It's so easy to waste an hour on the internet when before that wasn't an option. I am glad you posted this because I want to start making changes like this in my life.

    Also, I know you all live across the country now, but I will be in PA in the summer. Maybe we can have another worship session?

    1. I would LOVE to have another worship session this summer! It would be oh so good to see you again!! And I'm glad that I've jumped back into this blog world... I like that we can share what we are learning and still encourage each other from miles away. :)